I'm 5'2" and i have blue eyes. I'm ordinary in more ways than not. It's in my ordinariness that you'll find i shine.

Children under the age of 18 in this generation are screwed and I say this because they are a generation lost on the concepts of respect.

Do not go and stand around in someone else’s yard and not expect them to come outside and find out why you’re there. Not to mention I didn’t say shit to this kid and all of a sudden I hear “i wasn’t talking to you” little fuck I don’t give a rats ass who you were talking to. Take your ass off my property.


It’s really weird that people with whom I graduated from high school are getting married and having babies. If I don’t know where I’m headed in life, how can they? These are big decisions. Idk. Maybe I’m just scared or too dependent on shit but I feel like people need some time to sort of exist for awhile before they end up with some shitty commitments.




wat da dog doin

$0 budget and they made the dog look like he drivin’ the car, this is a cinematographic achievement